Fiedler & FriasFiedler & Frias

Capitolio Plaza

Located south of the Puerto Rico Capitol Building, this full city block mixed-use residential development fills an urban void along the waterfront of San Juan.

A central plaza ties in the 5 eight-story high condominium towers, creating a unique identity and sense of place. The common recreational area and pool are located on a roof terrace overlooking the port of San Juan.

The building geometry is manipulated to create special spaces such as an urban plaza, covered arcades and ample tree lined sidewalks. Shops and restaurants all along the base of the building nurture a unique urban ambience and experience.

Winner of a design competition to revitalize the former industrial waterfront area of the city, the project creates a unique opportunity to contribute to the planned growth of the area. This extensive project houses 300 condominium units, 15,000 sq. ft. of retail area and 900 parking spaces.

San Juan