Fiedler & FriasFiedler & Frias

Block D at the Convention Center District

Design for Parcel D includes ample sidewalks and fountains to promote pedestrian activity, while it takes advantage of the adjacent parkland and proximity to retail stores and restaurants of other District parcels. The project maintains harmony with the modern and vibrant language of the Convention Center District, while respecting and blending with Miramar and Condado neighborhoods and their historical and architectural value.

The 150 apartment residences above the retail area surround an interior courtyard with pools, fountains, private patios, landscaped gardens and other amenities. This courtyard is connected to the street below by a grand staircase joining the private and public realm, while location and density of the residences give them privacy and dramatic views to the project below and the waterfront beyond.

All services and parking facilities are shielded from street view by enclosing them within the building structure.

Block-D design is conceived as a composition of bold, memorable architectural forms enhanced by building materials and textures. These forms are a key component of the overall experience, creating a dynamic tension that adds energy and vitality to the project.


  • Awarded Competitive Design RFP

San Juan